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Successful product development ensures two things: your customer feels the ultimate comfort of getting seamlessly tailored service while you keep the competitive advantage.


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Through our integrative approach to the software development process, we will empower your business with crucial tech solutions. Using agile development methodologies, best project deployment tools, custom tech stacks, Big Data, IoT, AI, and ML, ElifTech will help you meet the needs of the most demanding customers with reduced development costs.

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Build a stronger bond with your target audience and enhance their customer experience through scalable web apps and cutting-edge mobile applications empowered with latest product features.

Choose from a wide range of software development services of any complexity and scale. Prioritize the features that give your product a competitive edge and employ only the required staff through our outsourced software product development services.

Your product vision wrapped in intuitive and user-friendly design. ElifTech’s UI/UX experts perform market research and stay up-to-date with the latest product features and interface to ensure usability and attractiveness of your software.

ElifTech software product development company provides quality assurance and testing services using manual and automated testing. Communication is key, and we know how to forge one that will open all the doors for product improvement.

AI-powered tech enables you to focus on the big picture and gain access to effortless high-level analytics. Our teams will use AI tools to improve your business security, cut costs and the probability of errors.

Access the benefits of our software product development services to develop and grow your business digitally: faster and safer. We can ease your transition to the next level by upgrading the existing business model and product development process.

ElifTech offers product development services that carry your mission, vision, and values from conception to launch. Through employing robust frameworks and maintaining close communication with you, our tech experts will guide your idea through all stages of its life cycle.

Sustain your product’s efficiency through timely maintenance and optimization. Don’t let your product fail at the most important of moments with ElifTech’s continuous support team.

Who can use our product development services?



Future Unicorns in need of a tech team


New Product

Companies launching their new product on the market



Businesses exploring digitalization pathways



Anyone in search of an open-minded and forward-thinking software product development company.

Tech stack

Backend Tech

Golang core

Frontend Tech


Mobile Tech






The power of industry expertise


Revolutionize the way you manage finances with our expert FinTech development services. From digital wallets to enterprise level finance management systems, we create innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

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ElifTech delivers value to your users with scalable e-commerce products as well as B2C & B2B shopping portals. Increase your ROI and the number of returning customers by employing our eCommerce product development services.

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Unlock the potential of healthcare innovation. Empower your healthcare business with custom electronic health records, telemedicine platforms, and medical data analytics solutions that optimize patient care and streamline operations. Stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional care to your patients.

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Discover the limitless possibilities of the Internet of Things. We create custom IoT solutions that drive business growth and enhance customer experiences. From sensors and wearables to smart home automation and industrial IoT, we deliver end-to-end services that ensure your success.

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Why choose ElifTech


Client-oriented approach

A trustworthy partner delivers targeted systems that solve problems and takes responsibility for their efficiency. Our custom tools will digitize your enterprise and make it more efficient and profitable, while staying true to your core values.


Solutions & applications

After we consider the convenience and accessibility of your tools, the team will weigh all the applications available and help you choose the one that will cover your needs:

Android App Cross Platform App iOS App

Whatever the complete product may be, ElifTech paves the way for your business to grow and improve.


Latest technology

In the world of ever-evolving technology, lean on a team of tech-savvy experts with a passion for learning. ElifTech employees embrace emerging approaches with true curiosity and apply them to create the perfect tool for you. We use:

IoT Machine Learning Artificial intelligence Cross Platform App Data Science Progressive Web App

Whatever the complete product may be, ElifTech paves the way for your business to grow and improve.


Experience & expertise

We have been delivering product development services in fintech, healthcare, ecommerce, and other industries for more than ten years, diving deep into emerging field specifications to deliver business-effective products.

We mean business. Because that’s what you expect from us.


We will walk you through all the steps of the product life cycle:

  • Preliminary consultation;
  • Project requirements and product idea validation;
  • Plan presentation;
  • Negotiation and signing of the contract;
  • MVP development;
  • Development;
  • QA testing;
  • Launch;
  • Technical support.
Your goals, business objectives, and needs come first, so you can always count on our human-centered approach and flexibility
  • Skilled ElifTech teams are ready to create projects with any goal and complexity.
  • We are here to help you design, build and test different products faster while staying cost-effective.
  • We are flexible with collaboration models and ready to tailor our services to your goals, resources, and timeframes.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, but we can ensure that your case will be thoroughly budgeted in response to your goals and limitations. As a rule, development budget depends on:

  • Number of functions;
  • Architecture complexity;
  • Degree of quality assurance;
  • Third-party integrations;
  • Added security and privacy protocols;
  • Size of the development team;
  • Integration with hardware products;
  • Need for cloud computing.

We would be happy to give a precise budget calculation for your project and help prioritize the features that are absolutely crucial for your individual case.

We follow the best industry practices and standards when it comes to ensuring frictionless client journeys. Here’s what it looks like from start to finish:

  • Intro call. Let’s get to know each other, understand your needs and expectations, and find out how we can help you.
  • Requirements gathering. At this stage, the goal is to collect as much information about the desired product as possible.
  • Estimation. Based on the gathered requirements, we estimate the project’s budget and timeline.
  • Initial vision presentation. This is where we show you what the end product may look like, what the core features are and how it will be able to meet your business needs.
  • Feedback & final proposal. Your feedback is most welcome at this stage, and after additional changes to the vision we prepare the final proposal and present it to you.
  • Agreement & start of the project. Now all that’s left is to settle contractual nuances and get ready to kick off!

We would be happy to give a precise budget calculation for your project and help prioritize the features that are absolutely crucial for your individual case.

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    We will clarify the requirements and set up an engagement process to make your journey smooth

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    Based on the info gathered and your business objectives, you’ll get a detailed project vision