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Build a closed wallet that uses your own network of merchants to build in-store loyalty programs and discounts. The main advantage of this model is that it allows you to create a strong relationship with your end-users, which could lead to higher revenue over time.

Build an eWallet that lets your end users store their payment information securely and use it to make payments at participating merchants. The main advantage of this model is that your end-users can use it at any merchant in your network, and it allows you to manage the list of merchants and categories for which your end-users can make payments.

Provide your customers with a wallet that can be used to perform all types of transactions. These types of wallets are usually partnered with banks and allow customers to withdraw money from an ATM.

Cryptocurrency wallets enable customers to use cryptocurrencies for online payments, including sending and receiving crypto. The main advantage of this wallet type is that it allows you to expand your reach into new markets.

Enable your customers to use their devices to make payments, including smart home devices, smart cars, and wearables. The main advantage of this model is that it can help you generate more data about your customers and further improve customer experience.

Build an eWallet that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer personalized recommendations, fraud prevention, and security alerts. The main advantage of this model is that it allows you to personalize the user experience, which could help improve conversion rates.

Build an NFT wallet to help your customers store their non-fungible tokens securely and access NFT assets with ease.

Build an eWallet solution designed specifically for your business. With a custom digital wallet for merchants, you can speed up transactions, enhance security measures, and improve user experience for your customers.


eWallet app development company

ElifTech is a leading digital wallet development company with over a decade of experience building digital wallet solutions for businesses. With a proven track record of taking a mobile wallet app product at an idea stage, and developing it into an enterprise-level digital wallet solution, our team is ready to help you


What is a Digital Wallet app or eWallet?

A digital wallet is an application that you can download to your mobile device and securely store your payment information. With tap-and-go technology, it allows users to store their credit, debit, and loyalty cards in one place and pay for goods and services. Such applications provide users with a seamless online shopping experience, allowing them to process payments with just a few taps on an app.

Core eWallet components


User Panel

User registration Link bank account Split bills Available offers and discounts Check balance Monitor reward points View transaction history Receive payments Set autopay Add balance Earn referral points Transfer money Pay bills Check send invites

Admin Panel

Revenue management New offers Merchant and user management Reporting Real-time analytics dashboards Users data control

Merchant Panel

Interactive dashboard Add and remove products Customer management Push notification Unique QR code Make withdrawals Promotional offers EMI Payments Employee management

Digital wallet app development features

How does eWallet app work?


Financial Management

Digital wallets show users information about their transactions and funds, giving them valuable insights to make informed financial decisions.


Payment Options

Users can pay for things via their smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets, and other smart devices.


Transfer with eWallets

With the help of eWallets, users can receive and transfer funds. It digitally stores users’ card info that can be used to pay for goods and services seamlessly.

eWallet app development cost estimation

The cost of building an eWallet app depends on core factors, such as the type of wallet app, added features and integrations, development time, etc.

Type of wallet

However simple it may sound, there’s more to digital wallet types than initially meets the eye. Platforms for eWallet app development, security requirements, mobile wallet integration needs, and the amount of features will all have an impact on the final cost. However, you can always ask your ewallet app development company for an MVP and scale when ready.

Technology stack we use for eWallet app development

At ElifTech, we commit to designing and developing top-notch, engaging, and user-friendly custom mobile wallet apps. To do this, we use some of the best eWallet app development technologies out there. Here is the tech stack we use

Backend Tech

Golang core

Frontend Tech


Mobile Tech






A testament to our service

Why hire ElifTech for digital wallet application development?

We understand that businesses need financial software solutions that can grow with them and adapt to changing needs. We know how to build solutions that resonate with customers across channels and devices—and we can help you do it too. Our fintech solutions software development company will provide technical expertise, project management skills, and creative input coupled with our experience in building industry-leading applications.


Respect engineering maturity

More than one-third of our software developers have 10+ years of top-notch commercial experience in the most demanding niches.


Encourage lifelong learning

ElifTech School and R&D programs keep our engineers up to date with the latest tech and ensure that their skills are at the top level.


Welcome hands-on ML & AI expertise

Our background in AI & ML enables us to implement viable digital transformation models to improve your company's processes.


Believe in the power of R&D

Our In-house Research & Development Department determines profitable solutions for you, supporting each move with empirical evidence.


The digital wallet app development cost estimation depends on lots of different factors such as location, type of app, design, features & integrations, digital wallet platform, etc. You need to take all of these factors into consideration before starting the project.
Yes, we continue to maintain and support the digital wallet app even after development ends. So, you can add or update your customized digital wallet depending on your business needs.
All the mobile wallet apps we create are secure and go through the QA testing process to ensure they are safe and secure.
eWallets ensure that your business accepts different payment types. Also, your customers can seamlessly make payments
Yes, as a mobile wallet application development company, we offer support services for your digital wallet app even after development.

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